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Tiny Cute Creations! Handmade hair decorations and decorated singlets!

I'm a stay home mum of one gorgeous blondy named Maria, whos company I've enjoyed for the past 22 months.From the

first day on, I'm quite creative when it comes to dressing up my girl,so I've started to experiment with different

aplique techniques and produced a bunch of originally decorated tops (t-shirts and singlets). Recently I started

getting excited about accessorizing Maria's hair. It prompted me to create tiny cute hairclips.

Hairclips with a wide range of cute characters and decorations are specially designed to suit any hair length and

quality, from toddler's short to tiniest baby hair.

Up to date I've produced quite a collection of decorated singlets and t-shirtes that varies in sizes and designs.

These outfits are perfect for even the hottest QLD weather, as well as making kids look gorgeous and stand out in

the croud.

You can see the samples of my work here and Everything I design and

create is handmade by me and original from idea to the final product.

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Hand made decorated singlets


Handmade hair decorations