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Why did Revel In It start?

Revel In It is an online marketplace for small and micro businesses to showcase their products in an easy to use environment.

Revel In It formed to offer small businesses a platform to showcase their products to the online market and build a community of small businesses. Imagine this site as a virtual marketplace where each stall features quality, niche and artisan products sold by independent traders looking for a fair go. Browse our range of unique products or sign up easily to start selling online today.

We know that many Revel In It sellers also sell at other venues – from markets to business websites and, of course, other online marketplaces. Revel In It aim to give sellers a fair and clear choice and more options for how they run their business.
We want to make it easy for our shop owners.

Your free online shop is only a few clicks away and soon you can offer your customers cheap online shopping without the overheads of brick and mortar shopfronts. Revel In It is dedicated to:

    - Supporting small businesses to achieve their sales goals and access online markets
    - Promoting the Revel In It marketplace through ongoing media and advertising
    - Assisting Australian businesses in setting up and managing an online shopfront, without intimidating technical or financial barriers
    - Growing a community of businesses and customers who want to support this industry

There is no risk and no set up cost to getting started- it takes longer to boot up the computer! Start selling online today at a dedicated marketplace designed to support your business growth. Begin your online business in a few clicks and wonder why you waited so long!

We hope you’ll either open a shop with us here on Revel In It or support our small businesses and buy from their shops. So please enjoy the experience of shopping on Revel In It knowing you are helping small and micro businesses.