Your Revel A/C


Selling your products on Revel In It is simple: 

  1.     Simply sign up, set up your store and list your products.
  2.     Customers can then order your products directly from your store.
  3.     You then send the items directly to the customer.
  4.     You get paid into your PayPal account minus your commission.

Revel In It reserves the right to remove any item that is deemed to be unsuitable for sale and ban those who repeatedly list items unsuitable on the Revel In It website.

The seller must be legally entitled to sell the item listed for sale on Revel In It.
The decision to remove any item is final and refunds will not be offered.

Why Sell On Revel In It?

    No joining fees – sign up for free!
    No monthly fees or invoices
    No listing fees
    A flat 10% commission only on items that you sell - No sales? Then you pay nothing.
    No website hosting or server fees
    Sell your products online in a safe and secure environment, 24/7
    We are an Australian owned and operated business
    We host your site, store your files, pay for your bandwidth, and manage the servers
    Integrated shopping cart. No merchant account necessary — you just need a PayPal™ account
    Your customers can pay with credit and debit cards.
    Never any up front costs, so you risk nothing by trying.
    Fill out a simple form and your product is on your site, ready for purchase.
    Use categories, write descriptions, and set shipping costs.

    Upload images for each product. We'll resize them automatically to fit, but your customers can still zoom in for a detailed look.

    We make it easy for your customers to share your content on Facebook, Twitter, or other social networks.


    Offer discounts to your customers by percentage ("15% off") or total ("save $10") with our coupon feature
    Use Google's free tool to track visits to your site. Your sales are integrated automatically, so you can analyze your advertising and marketing efforts.
    Easy Checkout system with no login required if you choose
    Extremely affordable pricing
    Inbuilt ongoing SEO

How to Accept Payments on Revel In It

Revel In It uses PayPal for payment acceptance. If you do not currently have a PayPal account, you will need to register. PayPal is a fast and easy way to for you to collect payment, and it's a secure and easy tool for buyers to use. We use PayPal because it is the safest and easiest way to pay online. The service allows you to pay in any way you prefer, including by credit cards, without sharing financial information. For more information about PayPal visit www.paypal.com.au.