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The founders of Revel In It developed the idea of a new online marketplace for Australian businesses as a way to support small Australian business and help them grow within a beautiful environment. The usual outlets such as Ebay and Etsy have become very impersonal, too large for intimate searching and very fee orientated. Revel In It has been made to entice buyers with a gorgeous website, ease of use and a less cluttered feel. The ecosystem of Revel In It is about empowering and supporting small businesses. “We do that by going well beyond just a marketplace.” Says Cheryl Beasley, co-founder.  Revel In It is part of the ‘All About Biz’ network, a collection of websites that aim to give small business owners all the business guidance, information, support and promotional opportunities they need. The network includes Aussie Product Review for unbiased reviews, All About Biz for unlimited business information, Catalogue 4 Baby that is an exclusive directory for businesses in the baby industry and now Revel In It, the marketplace for Australian small businesses to showcase their products.

What Is Revel In It?

  • Revel In It is a new style of marketplace for people wanting quality online shopping sites without wasting their time searching.
  • It’s a beautifully made marketplace that is easy to use.
  • Our aim is to connect shoppers looking for Australian merchandise with trustworthy, quality and unique products.
  • For shop owners it is not only a marketplace listing but also a network of promotional outlets for their business.
  • Revel In It is one of 4 small business help websites that we own. All are focused on helping small Australian businesses thrive and get the promotional opportunities they need to grow and nurture their businesses.
  • Revel In It is a place where businesses can cement their branding and continue to grow their business.
  • The main features include ease of use for customers, a network of services to grow their business, information and articles.

Our Aim

We aim to bring together a unique and dynamic selection of small Australian online businesses together in one spot to make searching for Australian products easy and straightforward for customers.

We aim to inspire small businesses to continue to grow their businesses with ease and give them the support and guidance they need while on Revel In It. To do this we encourage sellers to use our product review service and seek out the guidance and resources we offer through our business support website, All About Biz.

Our Story

Revel In It was developed from a desire to give people a place to shop and support Australian small business and also give them an easy shopping experience in a beautiful environment.

We are a family run business based on the beautiful Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. Cheryl Beasley and her daughter, Rashelle, run the business.

We’ve always been focused on small Australian businesses and have run small businesses ourselves. While doing that we found a need for good promotion and support and that is what we have developed with our range of small business help websites.

All About Biz is a wonderful site that supports small businesses with information, guidance, courses and resources.

Aussie Product Review. Businesses are able to get an unbiased review of their products through Aussie Product Review and we also help them promote their review via our social media networks for free.


  • Predominantly Women 25 – 55
  • Work at home mum’s
  • Stay at home mum’s
  • Mumpreneurs
  • Professional working women
  • Educated women with an income over $100K per year
  • Australian women who appreciate quality and uniqueness and are willing to spend freely.

If you’d like to know more about Revel In It and our services please contact us here, we’d love to help you. You can also request our MEDIA KIT for images and more information.