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  • Amethyst and Flourite Tree of Life
    This One of a Kind gemstone Tree of Life is made from Semi precious gemstones that are wire wrapped in Silver wire. Each limb was carefully wrapped and shaped by hand to give it the look of an actual tree. The tree is mounted on an Amethyst Geode Cluster Base and decorated with Purple and Green Flourite Chips. Amethyst Gemstone meaning It is used as a dream stone and to help insomnia. Put an amethyst under your pillow to bring about pleasant dreams, or rub it across your forehead to offer relief from a headache. Ancient Egyptians used the amethyst guard against guilty and fearful feeli..
  • Fairy Doors
  • Kurrajong Bush Medicine Leaves by Caroline Numina
    Title: Kurrajong Bush Medicine Leaves Artist: Caroline Numina Size: 114cm x 109cm Bush Medicine comes from the Kurrajong plant. Bush Medicine comes from the Kurrajong plant.Traditionally the leaves are gathered and boiled in large pans or buckets, they are then pressed firmly against a person’s chest or back resembling a poultice. The Kurrajong Bush Medicine Leaves are used to remedy the flu, headaches, backaches, upset stomachs, and chest pains. Caroline has captured the wonderful flow of the leaves and the white on black looks absolutely stunning. A very distinctive painting. Provena..
  • Mountain Thorny Devil Lizard Dreaming by Caroline Numina
    Title: Mountain Thorny Devil Lizard Dreaming Artist: Caroline Numina Size: 112cm x 64cm This gorgeous painting depicts the story of the skin of the Mountain Thorny Devil Lizard. The lizard is said to change colours in the desert as the sun rises and sets and the dew catches upon their skin reflecting the ability of the Mountain Thorny Devil Lizard to change from plain to vivid colours. A very detailed work created by a series of swirls in the alluring colours of yellow, orange, pink and white. It captures a feeling of gentle transition and movement, a very beautiful painting. Provenanc..
  • Rusty Dragonfly Weight
    Huge rusty railway nails are transformed with beads & wire into these quirky gorgeous Dragonflies. Approximately 14cm long. They are perfect as a garden ornament or table weight at a BBQ. ..
  • Watiya Tjuta by Mitjili Napurrula
    Title: Watiya Tjuta Artist: Mitjili Napurrula Size: 100cm x 90cm Watiya Tjuta relates to men’s wooden objects. The Tjukurrpa or Dreaming of this painting concerns the making of spears, an important aspect of men’s business. This painting comes with a COA and 1 photo of Mitjili with the completed painting...
  • Watiya Tjuta by Mitjili Napurrula
    Title: Watiya Tjuta Artist: Mitjili Napurrula Size: 97cm x 88cm Please note this painting does not come with a COA but it does have 3 photos with Mitjili doing the work, signing the work and with the completed painting. A 2008 work in the beautiful colours of blue and purple. A truly stunning piece by Mitjili. ..