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  • Camomile tea
    Usually $4.99, We are offerring 20% off the RRP. CAMOMILE health/herbal tea is a delicious soothing calming tea. Ideal in the evenings to relax you before bed, CAMOMILE health/herbal tea is also great when feeling a little stressed and wound up. This health tea is a stress buster and it aids in the fight against insomnia. Drinking CAMOMILE tea has been found to be beneficial in treating PMS ans menstrural cramps. CAMOMILE tea can also be cooled and given to babies to sooth colic and wind. This is an old remedy favoured by Italian families. If you want relief from a headache or migr..
  • Ginger Lemon Boost tea
    Usually $4.99 we are offerrring 20 off the RRP. The natural ingredients in the GINGER LEMON BOOST health/herbal tea are blended to provide that perfect \'pick me up\' when you need it most. GINGER LEMON BOOST health/herbal tea recognises the power of lemon balm. It is well known for its benefits and has been used medicinally in Europe and Africa for hundreds of years as a tonic. Combined with the natural refreshing properties of ginger and blended with the soothing effects of camomile, you have a refreshing, yet energising natural drink, that can be enjoyed hot or cold. Ideal for m..
  • Natural Green tea
    Usually $4.99 we are offerring 20% off the RRP. Rich in anti-oxidants, this NATURAL GREEN health/herbal tea is infused with a mild lemon flavour to produce an excellent tea that can be served hot or cold. NATURAL GREEN health/herbal tea is a delicious 'anytime' tea, enjoyed hot or chilled. Great with or after meals!..
  • Peppermint tea
    Usually $4.99 we are offerring 20% off the RRP. Known for its digestive properties, PEPPERMINT health/herbal tea can help with stomach upsets and help aid with digestion. PEPPERMINT health/herbal tea is an excellent palate cleanser and ideal after meals. PEPPERMINT tea is also know to have properties that aid in improving bad breath, gas and the severity of herpes outbreaks. It also is known to help ease chronic pain and irritable bowel syndrome Also terrific served cold over ice with a sprig of mint...
  • Regularitee
    Usually $4.99 we are offerring 20% off the RRP. A healthy proper functioning digestive system is essential for your good health. A cup of REGULARITEE health/herbal before bed each night will allow mother nature to gently help your body while you sleep. REGULARITEE health/herbal tea will help to 'move things along' using all natural ingredients, that have trusted and used for hundreds of years. If you suffer from bloating or that 'yukky' tummy feeling, its a sign that your digestive system is not functioning all full capacity. REGULARITEE can assist and give nature a hand. As well as REGU..
  • Slimmtee
    Usually $4.99 we are offerring 20% off the RRP. We all want a healthy body, and a healthy weight is important to longevity and to our quality of life. SLIMMTEE health/herbal tea can be a part of your healthy lifestyle. Remember one simple rule of thumb; kilojoules in...kilojoules out. The secret to attaining a healthy weight is really not that difficult, it simply comes down to making changes for the better in regard to your diet and exercise, then sticking to it. Onno Behrends SLIMMTEE health/herbal tea can help. Exercise need not be torturous or prolonged; walking, stretching, garde..