Groove Child Gift Pack

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Need a fabulous, unique baby gift? Let Groove Child make your life easy – we can provide the ultimate baby gift, wrapped to perfection, and delivered to any door in any country!

Do you need a baby gift for:

A baby shower

A corporate client

A new niece or nephew

A new grandchild



The friend that you forgot had a baby…

Groove Child offers a gift pack containing our revolutionary baby swaddle, the Spaghetti Wrap and the perfect dummy storage solution, our 3 Dummies on a Door.

We will deliver a beautifully wrapped, unique gift suitable for a friend, colleague or family member. Made in neutral tones these are the perfect products for both baby boys and baby girls.

Why not add something extra to the pack? How about a special bottle of champagne, a beautiful bunch of flowers, a special beauty product…we can help you create the baby gift that you really want to give.

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