Rose Geranium Aromatherap Handmade Natural Soap

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Leave your bathroom heavenly scented with the vibrant and aromatic scent of rose geranium. The scent is vibrant, aromatic & rosy. Rose geranium is beneficial for all skin types due to its ability to balance sebum production, helps to diminish acne as it also acts as a balancing agent for oily skin. It has also been used for maintaining elasticity and it has said to help reduce cellulite. Particularly great for mature skins as it can help combat wrinkles and reduce sagging. It is also calming and relaxing to the senses. As our handmade soap does not contain any chemical fillers and detergents it will not strip your skin of all its moisture as commercially produced soap will. Our soap infact is designed to moisturise your skin.! Ingredients: Sustainable Palm, Coconut, Soya bean, Sunflower, Rice bran and Castor oils, Purified water, Lye, Rose Geranium Essential oil, Cosmetic grade colours.

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